Lindquist Lane was founded in 2022 by Erica Lynn Lindquist. She is an educator and entrepreneur, currently working as an elementary reading specialist four days per week. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit (just ask her parents about all the random things she sold as a child... there's too many to count) and she lives by the motto that you learn by DOING.

Her first real business came to fruition when she started her career in public education. She began with a teaching blog and soon began creating educational printables for teachers and parents. The Simplified Classroom has had over half a million readers, hundreds of thousands of downloads, and is still going strong today! Erica has expanded it to now include literacy consulting as well as other services!

After establishing her online presence in the education realm, Erica returned to her childhood dream of owning either a candy store or toy store! Since she tries to not eat a ton of sugar or artificial dyes, the candy store idea just didn't make sense, so In December of 2022, she hit the ground running to get Lindquist Lane Wooden Toys off the ground! Since then, she's been working hard to build relationships with American and European woodworkers who are true artisans. She buys toys direct from makers and other small businesses to curate Lindquist Lane's signature unpainted, natural collections focused on education and open ended play.

Erica's husband, JT, is a firefighter and writer. He supports the businesses by continuously serving as a sounding board for all of Erica's new ideas, and more practically, from behind the scenes as our in-house editor and SEO developer! Erica and JT currently have two dogs and spend their free time trying to get outside and travel as much as they can!

For the Lindquists, growing their companies is all about being creative, having the resources to be hilariously generous in all parts of their lives, and leaving a legacy of hard work (and heirloom toys) for generations to come.